Tuesday, March 31, 2015

And Now Arkansas. As the Nuns and Friars Grin and Jubilate. In Holy Week. (I'm Tired, Folks)

And now, as expected, Arkansas passes its version of the anti-gay "religious freedom" bill that is bringing Indiana such negative worldwide attention. Our Republican governor Asa Hutchinson has said he will sign the bill, and has been salivating to do so — to win more cred with the anti-gay Republican base by appearing defiantly to kick LGBT human beings, "liberals," and Democrats in the teeth.

Thanking You Kindly for Your Birthday Good Wishes

I want to issue a note of thanks to all of you who left birthday greetings for me here yesterday. I'm deeply grateful for your kind expressions of congratulations on my birthday, and for your support. I had a very nice birthday, part of which we spent walking in the historic cemetery in downtown Little Rock, Mount Holly, and taking photos of the spring wildflowers running riot through the grass there: spring beauty, star of Bethlehem, Quaker ladies, grape hyacinth, etc. The photo at the head of the posting is from our outing. 

Commentary on Indiana, Religious Freedom, and Gay Rights: How Anti-Gay "Religious Liberty" Laws Differ from RFRA

A selection of excerpts from articles discussing Indiana's (and other states') anti-gay "religious freedom" law(s) — especially the bogus talking point now widely circulated by both conservatives and centrists that these state laws don't differ from the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA):

Grinning Nuns and Friars Standing Beside Anti-Gay Bigots: The Discussion the U.S. Catholic Church Should Be Having about Indiana, But Refuses to Have

Twitter feed of Governor Pence, private signing, anti-gay "religious freedom" bill

Put the photo at the head of the posting together with the one below, and what picture do you see?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Birthday Photos

And, heck, despite my promises not to bedevil you with postings today, why not share with you three photos I've just shared with friends on Facebook? The photo at the top of the posting is my brother Simpson and I appearing to enjoy cake on Simpson's first birthday in 1952.

It's My Birthday, and I'm Recommending a Heart-Warming Video to You

Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Petition for Your Consideration: Tell Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson to Veto Anti-Gay "Religious Liberty" Bill

Dear Folks,

After Indiana passed its anti-gay "religious liberty" bill and it was signed into law, the Arkansas Senate passed a similar bill targeting LGBT citizens of my state. That bill will then go to the House for amendments to be considered, and from there to the desk of Arkansas's governor Asa Hutchinson, who has promised to sign it.