Friday, April 17, 2015

Discussions That Should Be Placed Side by Side: Abuse Survivors Want Juan Barros Removed as Bishop of Osorno, San Francisco Catholics Want Salvatore Cordileone Removed as Archbishop of San Francisco

Two items I've read this morning strike me as a revealing synchronistic fit for one another. The first is Kristine Ward's editorial in today's edition of NSAC (National Survivor Advocates Coalition) News. Kristi is commenting on the recent meeting of Marie Collins, Peter Saunders, and other members of the pope's abuse advisory commission with Cardinal Sean O'Malley, the pope's "fixer." She notes that NSAC members "are appalled that they [the lay members of the abuse advisory commission] are the people who had to initiate the action to speak with the commission chair, Cardinal Sean O'Malley and through him seek to get the attention of Pope Francis."

Droppings from the Catholic Birdcage: Who Sits High and Who Sits Low (Picture's Worth 1,000 Words)

Gerelyn Hollingsworth, responding to Dominic Preziosi's posting yesterday at Commonweal blog about the Vatican announcement that the investigation of American nuns is over and done with:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Here's the Ad from Today's San Francisco Chronicle, Asking Pope Francis to Remove Salvatore Cordileone as Archbishop of San Francisco

Here's the ad that appeared in today's San Francisco Chronicle, which I discussed in my first posting today. Thanks to Taku Imagawa for emailing it to me. (See Chris Morley's helpful suggestion below: if you click the link, it takes you to an even bigger and more legible copy of the ad.)

Quick Question for You: Is Anyone Having Disqus Log-In Problems or Other Disqus Problems As You Seek to Comment Here?

A quick Disqus-related question for you: Bilgrimage readers occasionally contact me to tell me they have log-in problems with Disqus when they try to leave comments here. I am very happy to assist any of you who have such problems. Disqus has an active and prompt help desk (at Twitter), and always responds quickly when I report problems like this to Disqus.

Reader Writes: "How Do We Know That the Bigotry and Bullying 'in God's Name' Isn't What 'God' Is All About and What 'God' Wants?"

In a comment this morning responding to my posting yesterday featuring Tom Ehrich's observation that we in the American public square need to have done with the bigotry and bullying done in God's name and giving a very bad name to Christians, ClevelandGirl writes,  

Pharmacist in Georgia Refuses to Fill Doctor-Prescribed Medicine to Complete Miscarriage: Why We Need to Keep Thinking about "Religious Freedom" Legislation

Here's a story that illustrates (for me, at least) why I think it's worthwhile to keep ranting about "religious freedom" laws that allow for-profit businesses to refuse to serve or sell goods to others on grounds of conscience: as Amanda Marcotte reports at Slate, a woman in Georgia, Brittany Cartrett, recently posted on Facebook an account of what happened when her doctor prescribed Misoprostol as she was miscarrying at about five weeks of pregnancy. Cartrett indicates that her doctor wanted her to take this pharmaceutical, which can also cause abortion, to complete the miscarriage.

In News: Calls for Removal of Archbishop Cordileone, Vatican Ends Investigation of Nuns, Pope and Environment, Roe v. Wade and Marriage Equality, Hot Mess with Chilean Bishop

Here's a hodgepodge of news stories (and commentary) about Catholic-themed issues previously discussed on this blog: